il e yord

Have you ever dreamed of living like a nomad, roaming the vast lands of Iran and experiencing their rich culture and cuisine? If so, you might want to check out Baseri’s tribe Nomadic touristic accommodation, also known as “il e yord”, located near the city of Shiraz. Baseri’s tribe is one of the oldest and […]

همکاری با جفی

همکاری با جفی دوستان خوب راهنمای من سلام من جعفر سراج هستم صاحب جفی  اولین عروسک جهانگرد ثبت شده ایرانی قبل از اینکه بخوام راجب شروع همکاریمون باهم صحبت کنم لازم میدونم ازتون دعوت کنم که اینجا یه توضیح کامل راجب این پروژه بخونید .همراه-با-جفی-و-سفرنامه-هایش Instagram : jeffytravel همکاری ای که ما […]

Khaju bridge

The Khaju Bridge is one of the historical bridges on the Zayanderud, the largest river of the Iranian Plateau, in Isfahan, Iran. Serving as both a bridge and a weir, it links the Khaju quarter on the north bank with the Zoroastrian quarter across the Zayanderud. It also served a primary function as a building and a place for public meetings It has been described […]