il e yord

Have you ever dreamed of living like a nomad, roaming the vast lands of Iran and experiencing their rich culture and cuisine? If so, you might want to check out Baseri’s tribe Nomadic touristic accommodation, also known as “il e yord”, located near the city of Shiraz.

Baseri’s tribe is one of the oldest and most authentic nomadic tribes in Iran, with a history dating back to thousands of years. They have preserved their traditional lifestyle and customs, and they are eager to share them with curious travelers who want to learn more about their fascinating culture.



When you book a stay at “il e yord”, you will get to sleep in a blank tent, which is a simple but cozy shelter made of wool and goat hair. You will also enjoy delicious local food, prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked over a fire. You will taste dishes like kashk-e bademjan (eggplant with whey), abgoosht (meat and bean stew), and doogh (yogurt drink).

But the best part of staying at “il e yord” is the opportunity to explore the stunning nature around you. You will see breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, rivers, and forests, and you will witness the changing colors of the sky as the sun rises and sets. You will also get to join the nomads in their daily activities, such as herding sheep, making cheese, weaving carpets, and playing music.


“il e yord” is more than just a place to sleep. It is a chance to immerse yourself in a different way of life, to connect with nature and yourself, and to create unforgettable memories. If you are looking for an adventurous and meaningful travel experience, don’t miss this opportunity. Book your stay at “il e yord” today!


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