"The tale is about a boy who dreams of voyaging across the globe."

داستان پسری که میخواد دور دنیا سفر کنه

Iran Nomad life
Relax in nuture
Experience transformative outdoor living with nomads; breathe in raw beauty, unwind and escape everyday stress. Gain a refreshing perspective on modern living with simplicity and community. Hike, sit in breathtaking landscapes, listen to stories, or stargaze under a clear sky.. Embrace nomadic living to escape city life and discover the joys of simpler living.
Iran/Persia's history dates back millennia and is showcased in Persepolis, a ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire, built by King Darius I. The magnificent city has grand palaces, ornate columns, and intricate carvings and sculptures. Unfortunately, it was sacked and destroyed by Alexander the Great. Today, Persepolis stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements of the Persian Empire and attracts visitors from around the world.
Zarghan Aiport

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